GRT Dongle Pro v1 Crack [64x ONLY!]


We’re back from our break for such a longtime and we first give to you GRT Dongle Pro v1. Many are very curious of this tool wondering if it does what they said it could do before spending your money… Well here’s the chance to test it for yourself. This tool was coded in a 64x compiler to prevent reverse engineering so this tool works only on 64 bit system. As you can see we still cracked it in 64 bit.


1. Download and install from the link below.

2. Run shortcut on desktop as ADMIN AT ALL TIMES!.

3. Enjoy!

————————Download Links———————

Video Proof:

More coming soon…Have any problems? Then drop your comments!Working Fine?Then drop your feedback in the comments!We accept donations for all our work. If interested you can contact us through our Facebook page.Enjoy and Fun!

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