Hello again!.

We are starting to release some old cracks many having difficulties to find and also maybe some new ones.
For your convenience you’ll get the opportunity to locate all those past cracks here on our blog.
Description: Ir Key is a tool specially for HTC phones where you can unlock bootloader, build roms, Modify roms and all functions functions you can think of. Most of it’s operations are done in ADB mode and through Fastboot mode. It’s a great tool from developers but IrKey team discontinued their project since 2016. The last release was version 5.0.15 so we are now releasing free for many to gain their experience of this tool.

Instructions: Install and run shortcut on desktop!

If you’re having problems opening “IrKey” on windows 10 or any 64 bit pc. Try download and install : (Windows 10 and 64bit Fix)

Any issue? Leave your comments below!Thank you!

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  1. Alguien por favor me puede regalar la contraseña para descomprimir el archivo del segundo enlace de descarga? Para asi poder probarla. Muchas gracias.

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