Miracle Thunder 2.82 Official Crack Release Free [2/2/2019]


Today we’re releasing Miracle Thunder 2.82 Crack Free…  Why?

Here are some Q&A below to answer to all this happening!.


1. {Question: Why are you sharing this tool free now after customers already buy this?

You may have not realized nor noticed that there’s a master key being shared and sold quietly among the public. }

2. {Question: How did this happen?

Answer: Well one of our admins accidentally sold our master key to one of our customers which betrayed us and gave key to public for free.}

3. {Question: So what will happen to that customer who betrayed Gsm_X_Team?

Answer: That person is now permanently banned from upgrading to v2.89 and banned from purchasing anything from us and maybe more to come. }

4. {Question: This will affect customer who already buy so what will you do about them?

Answer: They will be upgraded for free to version 2.89 without pay}

5. {Question: What about buyers who bought 2.65, this will also be a big impact on them. ?

Answer: They can pay only $10 and be upgraded to 2.89. Original price for 2.89 was for $20. Addition to that. They will also get OSS CLient 8.6 Latest and UAT FRP 5.01 for free in their package}

6. {Question: So knowing that you’re releasing Miracle 2.82 Free. What will now be the price for 2.89 to new buyers?

Answer: Price decided was $20. But because of all this mess…. Price is now reduced to $15 and you will still get OSS Client 8.6 Latest and UAT FRP 5.01 Free with your package.}

Any further questions that needs to be answered. Then you can message us at: https://web.facebook.com/Gsm_X_Team-447686715562578/



On behalf of all Administrators, Moderators, Support Teams and Re-sellers  of Gsm_X_Team. We want to apologize sincerely and we take full responsibility of this mistake made. We decided that we will have you all upgraded for free to version 2.89 which will be the last version we will be selling to new customers because of this mess made. Future versions will only be kept internal! We solemnly swear this mess will never happen again as we have learned from this mistake and will now move on to higher grounds by maintaining a strong integrity and commitment towards all our fans and customers!



1. Download

2. Install setup that you downloaded from above!

3. Run shortcut on desktop.

4. Enjoy!

Video Proof:

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Happy New Year 2019!

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