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We are starting to release some old cracks many having difficulties to find and also maybe some new ones.
For your convenience you’ll get the opportunity to locate all those past cracks here on our blog.
Description: Nck AndroidMTK is a tool specially for MTK(Mediatek) devices where you can do network unlocking by reading codes or direct unlock. You can also repair imei, flash and many more. Usually I use only Boot “MT6571”  do all my operations because I get success just the same. As I said earlier. This is the the best tool for MTK(Mediatek) devices. It’s really a great tool from Nck Team so I hope many use then make money and support them by buying the actual BOX/DONGLE then enjoy free updates from Nck Team. Please do your best not to share too much in public otherwise your customers will use it to do their own work and that’s where you’ll make no money. We’d make protection for individuals to use but this is already cracked by many and given free. Happily they increased their protection after updating from 
While testing their new security, we’ve managed to crack version , (Dongle Versions) and (Box Version), however we will never share these cracks to public (Educational Purpose Only!).

Version will be the first and final release from us!
Please Support NCK Team!
See Test report of

Instructions: Install and run shortcut on desktop!

If you’re having problems opening “Nck AndroidMTK” on windows 10 or any 64 bit pc. Try download and install :

Pass: gsmx
Any issue? Leave your comments below!Thank you!

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  1. I downloaded nck dongle and it was asking for registration code while launching, please I need the registration code.

  2. I have this and i've downloaded 3 times now, with the antivirus removed, but for a reason that i dont understand(and this has never happened to me before, ive used this program several times also with the antivirus on and it has never shown any problems till now) it wont open from the loader no more, any sugestions?, does my internet is blocking the program somehow, the router of the company im working on has blocked it somehow?

  3. Hey man do you have NCK QUALCOMM????? OR ANYTHING that unlocks Qualcomm phones??? I wanna unlock Alcatel 9001X and I can't find anything that works! This NCK MTK unlocks only MediaTek chipsets. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me, give me a working CRACKED software that can unlock my qualcomm Alcatel 9001X.

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