Octopus Samsung 1.9.4 Cracked


Today we’re releasing Octopus Samsung 1.9.4 for this is the last version before GsmServer took over

This tool is not latest
but it’s the last version before GsmServer took over
octopus project. So
today we’re releasing because that project is considered dead. Also we have an
LG version we’ll also release soon. Octoplus Samsung 1.6.5 cracked is when
GsmServer took over so it’s still the best but team is not dead. 😉

Octopus(none gsm

Taken over)

Download Links:
Setup <<X>> Loader
(Password: gsmx) 

Have any issues? 
Then drop your comment below and we’ll do our best to fix your problem or you can visit us at our facebook page located on our website.

More coming soon… 
Thanks for support always..

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