SFT Dongle 3.1.4 Cracked


Today we’re releasing SFT Dongle v3.1.4. This version is also considered latest version for their first dongle was called “Secure X Dongle” which this version is the latest support until they now use a new dongle called “SmartCard Dongle”. The SmartCard dongle was released in “1-3-2018” where they launched new module v1.0.11. They no longer make any support for the Secure X Dongle so today we’re releasing the latest version for their Secure X Dongle. With this version I found there are more supported CPUs than SmartCard 2018 dongle. So far I see with this version there’s a Spreadtrum supported cpu and alot more which is not supported on SmartCard dongle. 

1st:                                             2nd:
Secure X Dongle                        SmartCard Dongle


This dongle is a multi-platform dongle that can do a wide variety of operations such as FRP Removal, Read pattern, flash and alot more. Go ahead and give it a try or visit official site for more details! 

————————Download Links———————

How to use:

1. Download and install

2. Click Icon on task bar to start

3. Create shortcut of loader to desktop (Optional but Recommended).

4. Enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “SFT Dongle 3.1.4 Cracked”

  1. sir can you upload to google drive..because i can't download from MEGA quota is Limited
    ..Thanx Before

  2. Now Click "OK" on popup message and wait for main form to show. Then click "Click Me!" when main form opens. can this fxx this problem mrt 1.23

    1. New version is out! Please use the new version. Always use the latest version. Regard SmartFlasher Team.

  3. Tool doesn't start now. With Internet get window bout new version, without Inet it doesn't start.

  4. Hi GSM X TEAM!!the link is broken the file doesnt exist or is no longer available in mega. Please update the link

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