Z3X SamsungTool Pro 24.4 Full Cracked (UPDATE: No HWID)


Today we’re releasing Z3X SamsungTool Pro 24.4 as we know v24.3 is already out there might not be full or able to write cert as our first v24.3. So instead of releasing the same version. We decided to take a little step in the version. Version 27.9 is currently for sale by other crackers not from Gsm_X_Team. So to avoid any intrusion or interruption. We’re just releasing 24.4 Fully cracked.


           1. Write Cert and Read Cert

           2. Repair Imei

           3. Reset Efs

And alot more…. Give it a try! and give us your feedback!


Many already know about the history of the GREAT! z3x box. But I will give some information for who already don’t know. Z3X box from Z3X Team is a POWERFUL! box which you can network unlock a wide variety of Samsung phones. Both old and new. You can also flash your Samsung device, Repair imei, remove google lock etc… Give it a try and you’ll be surprised of the wonders it does for your shop!

Need to know!
Recently z3x team released all their setups with file description of “v23.4” even latest shows the same so it will be difficult to locate the correct setup file for many amateurs renamed 24.3 to trick others in downloading. We’ll supply you with the correct setup file. And if you don’t believe it’s “24.4” and thinking we edited 24.3. Then simply search for correct 24.4 setup and try with loader. I guarantee you it will work! Try with 24.3 and you will get error I can guarantee you!

Another way to tell the difference.

v24.3 Installer size is “36.7MB”
v24.4 Installer size is “36.8MB”

Main executable size is “26.1MB” after installation complete.


Password: gsmx


How to use:

1. Download and install setup installer

2   Extract loader to install folder

4.  Make shortcut of “XTM_Z3X_SamsungTool Pro 24_4(No HWID).exe” to desktop(Optional).

5.  Run shortcut on desktop

6.  Click start on loader

7.  Done!

See video below for further instructions if having any problems!

Test reports:

72% LikesVS
28% Dislikes

123 thoughts on “Z3X SamsungTool Pro 24.4 Full Cracked (UPDATE: No HWID)”

    1. Name: Falcon

      Key: M7xeEdi3wIq5830VziFHC2+sBQnjwk+7JFi=XSLtUyGy6Q6LaP3HgE+KMicoVNhKRm3FAuU

      Enter those details into "RegisterMeToOpen.exe" and then run again loader and it will open. Ensure you ran "RegisterMeToOpen.exe" as admin!

      Thank you!

  1. Que tal colega, mis felicitaciones a su grupo por esa gran herramienta!
    Aqui mi ID: 8A0DC-72517-56057-A0F19
    Email: jcelectronik[at]hotmail.com
    Gracias y Saludos!

  2. 077CC-725DB-5C057-A7816





  3. plz im waiting my costumer r waiting for repair imei null plz grop help meee
    its my HHid



  4. 12ADC-7250A-34057-A0999 minh la ky thuat vien mong ban va dong doi cua cho minh xin kye de mo khoa.minh cam on ban va dong doi cua ban rat nhieu suabu77[at]gmail.com

  5. 24.3 backup efs completely no problem
    24.4 backup efs is failed
    This bug
    Maybe you do not know
    I am a good reminder

    At last
    thank you
    Free to share

  6. Thanks for the hard work! I have n7505 without IMEI, by writing .cert got:
    "zTool not found for selected model".
    But there is zTool_n7505.crp in Data folder.
    What's wrong?

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