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Official Reseller

Official Resellers

If you don't have any payment options to place an order on our website—such as cryptocurrencies, USDT, PayPal, or cards—you may easily get in touch with our reseller in your nation, and he will give you access to a variety of payment options, including wallets and bank transfers.

Note: Those are cracked tools and server reseller only.

A yellow five-pointed star in the center of a red background, which is the flag of vietnam.
Dat Gsm
Vietnam Reseller

Payment Methods
Zalo 0869842444

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Flag of myanmar with three horizontal stripes in yellow, green, and red from top to bottom, and a large white five-pointed star in the center.
Pyae Phyoe Paing
Myanmar Reseller

Payment Method
Wave Money / KBZ Pay / True Money / CB Bank / CB Pay / Yoma Bank

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The flag of madagascar, featuring a vertical white band on the left and two horizontal bands on the right: red above green.
Jeje Remih
Madagascar Reseller

Payment Method
MVOLA  (Telma Madagascar) Binance Pay

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The national flag of iran features horizontal green, white, and red stripes with a red emblem of iran centered and the phrase "god is the greatest" repeated in white kufic script along the borders.
Amir Latkhan
Irani Reseller

Payment Method
Iranian Rials, USDT

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The national flag of turkey with a white star and crescent on a red background.
Turkey's Reseller

Payment Method
Ziraat Bank, USDT

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A vertical tricolor flag with orange on the left, white in the center, and green on the right.
JMK Wise
Ivory Coast

Payment Method
Wave /Orange Money /MTN Money

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